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Puffin with green foreground and blue sea bacground, negative space

Nature and Wildlife photography is fantastic, if only because it’s an inspiration to get outdoors and have a look what’s around. There is so much to see, from the incredible seabirds that flock to our cliffs in the spring, to the otherworldly fungi and mushrooms that pop out of the forest floor in the Autumn.

To make my pictures standout from the crowd, I combine fascinating subjects with the following elements:

  • Colour, Nothing makes a picture stand out more than striking colours and there's plenty of it in nature. The Sony camera body I use is well known for it’s high quality colour reproduction, plus I have a collection of lenses which complement the camera body perfectly.

  • Details, I intend to produce images that draw the viewer in, therefore, sharp details are of vital importance. My images freeze the subject in a fixed moment in time, be it a fast moving bird or the tiniest of mushrooms, I love the fact that my images magnify the subject beyond the ordinary.

  • Bokeh, The defocused background, in my opinion, is almost as important as the subject itself. And, the best kind of bokeh is created from small points of light, which when reproduced by the camera look like floating bubbles of light.


You’ll find me on Social Media where I publish one photo per day. I have an established following on 500px and G+. My Facebook page and Instagram accounts were more recently launched where I’m still attempting to breakthrough.

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