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Wonderful Wildlife


Red Deer


During the rutting season stags bellow or roar to attract a mate and let the other stags know that they mean business. 
During the rut the stags get really hot from their displays of dominance. Their breath is often visible a swirls of vapour in the cold air.
You'll often find deer taking a dip during the rut to cool off.
Wollaton Park Lake

Stag in the rain

It absolutely hammered down on this visit to Wollaton Park, Nottingham, but it gave me the opportunity to get some uniques shots.

Scottish Red Deer

Findhorn Valley
DSC08430 2.jpg

Scottish Mountain Hare

Wild animals are a favourite subject of mine. Wildlife is often easy to spot from a distance if you know where to look, but getting close enough for a photograph is a totally different skill set. However, when you get it right and the animal has no idea that you’re there – that’s when the best shots roll in.

Brown Hare

Hares do not use burrows, but make a small depression in the ground among long grass.


Spring is the best time to go and see baby rabbits (kittens) playing in the fields. One of my favourite places to go is the Theddlethorpe and Saltfleetby dunes in Lincolnshire

Red Squirrels

Absolutely my favourite British mammal to photograph.

Red Squirrel Gallery

Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer are the only UK species to have palmate antlers (broad and flattened)

Roe Deer

It's always a treat to spot a Roe Deer in the wild. I came across his trio of one buck and two does whist in my local woodland hunting for mushrooms.

Grey Seal

The most common and largest seal species found in British coastal waters
Picture taken at Donna Nook Lincolnshire
Pups are born with a white coat, a relic from the ice age when they would have been born on snow.

Common Seal

Ironically less common than the Grey Seal. 
They are smaller than the Grey Seal and have a shorter snout.
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